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Pre-Vocational Training Program Insan’s pre-vocational training program or otherwise called basic literacy and numeracy program (PVT/BLN) is a transitional education system established to answer the needs of refugee and migrant children who are not ready…


Case Management Insan’s beneficiaries are among the most vulnerable population groups in Lebanon and thus they are faced with many unmet needs. In order to truly assist them in taking back control over their lives,…
<strong>Health and Mental Health</strong>

Health and Mental Health

Health Program Insan’s health program mainly targets beneficiaries who are in urgent need of medical assistance but unable to access public and private health facilities due their absence in the area, due to lack of…
<strong>Research and Advocacy</strong>

Research and Advocacy

Advocacy  Insan Association advocates for the rights of those people who are the most marginalised within the Lebanese society as well as in the MENA, Gulf and Euro-Mediterranean regions through CCRM which is short for the…
<strong>Emergency Relief</strong>

Emergency Relief

Lebanon has been in a severe socioeconomic crisis since late 2019. The middle class has almost disappeared and the population groups who were vulnerable already before the crisis have now become even more vulnerable. Since…