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<strong>Emergency Relief</strong>

Lebanon has been in a severe socioeconomic crisis since late 2019. The middle class has almost disappeared and the population groups who were vulnerable already before the crisis have now become even more vulnerable. Since late 2019 the Lebanese currency has been rapidly losing its value and people’s purchasing power has tremendously decreased. In spring 2020, the global Covid-19 pandemic started and added another blow to the already worsening situation in the country. Then in August 2020, the horrific Beirut port explosion happened which killed over 200 people and destroyed or damaged around 300,000 properties[1], not to mention the psychological damage caused. The war in Ukraine that started in February 2022 has affected Lebanon’s grain supply which has increased the prices and caused shortages of bread which constitutes an important part of people’s diet in Lebanon, especially among the vulnerable populations. Thus, Insan feels it cannot only focus on long-term development projects anymore. When people are hungry and suffering, they need to be provided emergency relief first. Thus, Insan occasionally distributes food boxes, hygiene kits and cash assistance to the most vulnerable households.


2021 in numbers:
  • Provided 80 families with relief assistance