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Case Management

Insan’s beneficiaries are among the most vulnerable population groups in Lebanon and thus they are faced with many unmet needs. In order to truly assist them in taking back control over their lives, Insan follows a holistic method which means that the beneficiaries can benefit from various services simultaneously. Insan’s case workers follow each case individually, carry out home visits and place special attention to child protection and GBV issues. Assistance through case management is broad and may include financial support for purchasing winter clothes or basic household appliances, paying house rent or schooling fees, or also provision of legal, psychological and medical assistance. If Insan does not have the service needed itself, the beneficiary may be referred to other organisations.

Insan’s Safe House

Insan’s Safe House provides temporary shelter to vulnerable children (boys up until 12 years or age) and women. All children at Insan’s care are at high risk of abuse or neglect and have a protection order from the Juvenile court that placed them at Insan Safe House. The women at Insan’s Safe House are mostly vulnerable migrant workers who are victims of abuse, different human rights violations and in great need of protection and support. At Insan’s Safe House they can all stay free of charge, receive food and benefit from the legal and psychosocial support services that aim to help them solve their problems. Children receive schooling and can participate in various leisure activities. The safe house can host up to 12 women and children at a time. 

Legal Assistance

Insan provides legal support and representation in court to vulnerable individuals mostly women and children and in particular migrant women and their children who are deprived of their basic rights. The legal issues that Insan encounters and has to provide legal support for vary from labour rights (non-payment of wages, working hours, etc.) to abuses and rights violations under criminal law (physical violence, rape, abuse, etc.) in addition to non-registration of children born in Lebanon and additionally problems related to residency and discrimination by the Lebanese security forces.

2021 in numbers:
  • 1635 children, youth and adults benefitted from case management
  • 25 children and women benefitted from Insan’s safe house services
  • 972 children, youth and adults benefitted from legal services
  • 318 children benefitted from child protection activities